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The Department of Environmental Affairs has recently issued the long awaited revised SAMOAC, the follow on from the particularly successful SAMOAC document. The revised SAMOAC provides municipalities and other regulatory entities with guidelines as to how to regulate outdoor advertising.

Second Harvest assisted the Department of Environmental Affairs in developing the revised SAMOAC through an investigation into the outdoor advertising industry in South Africa. The investigation had a specific focus on the legislation that surrounds outdoor advertising as well as a focus on a management framework to ensure appropriate enforcement of outdoor advertising.

The SAMOAC is broken up into the following sections:

Section 1 – Background Information
Section 2 – Development Framework for the SAMOAC
Section 3 – Sign Classification
Section 4 – Classification of Spatial Entities: Landscape Types and Areas of Control
Section 5 – Conditions of Control
Section 6 – A Procedure for Managing Outdoor Advertising and Implementing Conditions of Control
One of the fundamental changes from the original SAMOAC is the concept that outdoor advertising needs to be managed rather than controlled. This procedure is outlined in Section 6 of the SAMOAC. The procedure for managing outdoor advertising was designed based on international best practise and specifically the creation of outdoor advertising master plans. Second Harvest has pioneered this concept in the Middle East and as such has example documents that can be made available to regulatory authorities such as master plans of Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Dubai and Muscat.

For any queries with regard to the revised SAMOAC document and any assistance with regard to the development of outdoor advertising bylaws, guidelines and policies, please contact us.