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Second Harvest provides specialist services to deliver customised design, engineering and management solutions for signage that are supported by in-depth research and informed by the latest international best practise models from the world’s leading cities.

We were established and are based in Cape Town (South Africa), with additional offices in Dubai (U.A.E.) and Melbourne (Australia). From here we work with local governments, transit authorities and private companies as consultants and management partners mostly in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The Second Harvest approach identifies innovative ways to comprehensively manage signage as an asset from which positive value can be extracted while simultaneously mitigating any potential negative impacts. This management approach ensures that signage, the associated tools and solutions we develop are:


Integrated with existing and planned infrastructure


Aligned with business and strategic objectives


Complementary to existing brand and corporate identities


Informed by extensive research and in-depth analysis


Customised to be contextually relevant and effective


Long-term, sustainable and measureable

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