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Management Partnership

Management Partnership

Second Harvest manages signage in partnership with and for clients in the public and private sector. The Management Partnership relationship allows agencies, institutions, departments, organisations and companies to focus on their core operational functions while Second Harvest develops and manages their signage portfolio. High quality signage, optimum value and sustained secondary revenue are assured.

Management Partnership agreements are customised according to client capacity, expertise, objectives and requirements. Skills transfer and capacity building are key elements of a Management Partnership, especially when a client chooses to take an active interest or role in signage development and management.

The scope of each Management Partnership will vary but is intended to cover the most essential actions and responsibilities associated with signage success. These are the key aspects of the management process most prone to failure when handled with inexperience and limited capacity.


Prototyping and manufacture of signage and street furniture infrastructure


Sourcing and engagement of suitable service providers


Request for Proposals (RFP) generation and tender adjudication


Quality assurance to internationally recognised standards.

A Management Partnership offers essential support for the critical implementation phase that follows the completion of the Signage Master Planning process, or can be entered into as a standalone service. Second Harvest Management Partnerships are always aligned with clients’ interests and are operated on a medium to long term fixed commission basis.

Hyderabad International Airport

Bus shelters designed to integrate with additional custom signage & extensive street furniture collection

Cape Town Station

Contextually & technically appropriate format selection as part of Signage Master Plan

Citywide Signage Master Plans

Custom designed signage development and management solutions for Dubai Roads & Transit Authority

Planning Future Signage

Muscat Municipality dedicated digital signage zones to be managed by GIS database & associated maps

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