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Signage Advisory

Signage Advisory

Second Harvest provides specialist Signage Advisory Services for businesses and property owners using or planning to develop advertising and commercial signage. We advise clients on the relevant regulations and their rights relating to signage. We then recommend and assist with an appropriate course of action.

Our clients benefit from informed and objective guidance on the application and interpretation of the municipal bylaws regarding signage, and engaging with the relevant authorities.

Specific Signage Advisory Services include:


Permit applications for all sign types


Negotiation and appeals


Contractual review and legal opinion


Dispute resolution and litigation

Signage is regulated to varying degrees by a number of legal authorities. As a result there is often a complex range of issues surrounding the permitting and legality of a sign. Following an informed course of action will limit the impact on a business’ day-to-day operations, and help avoid penalties and unnecessary costs.

Hyderabad International Airport

Bus shelters designed to integrate with additional custom signage & extensive street furniture collection

Cape Town Station

Contextually & technically appropriate format selection as part of Signage Master Plan

Citywide Signage Master Plans

Custom designed signage development and management solutions for Dubai Roads & Transit Authority

Planning Future Signage

Muscat Municipality dedicated digital signage zones to be managed by GIS database & associated maps

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