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Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Second Harvest provides innovative designs and advanced engineering solutions for the complete range of signage and street furniture projects. All designs are engineered to internationally recognised standards to effectively balance aesthetics with safety and durability. The Design & Engineering process is closely supervised and prioritises purposeful functionality, contextual suitability and everyday usability.

As part of each Design & Engineering project Second Harvest will research and evaluate the latest trends and relevant technologies, and then collaborate with clients to develop a clear, comprehensive and actionable brief.

To ensure that an intended design is successfully implemented a customised set of Design Guidelines can be developed for a client. This user-friendly information illustrates how signage and street furniture has been designed to integrate harmoniously with infrastructure within a specific socio-urban context. A distinctive design identity that ensures cross-format consistency of design elements can be included.

In order to support the proper execution of the technical elements of an engineering solution a customised set of Technical Specifications can be developed for a client. This practical information for the technical development, implementation and management of signage and street furniture is to ensure structural durability and functional longevity of a project.

Hyderabad International Airport

Bus shelters designed to integrate with additional custom signage & extensive street furniture collection

Cape Town Station

Contextually & technically appropriate format selection as part of Signage Master Plan

Citywide Signage Master Plans

Custom designed signage development and management solutions for Dubai Roads & Transit Authority

Planning Future Signage

Muscat Municipality dedicated digital signage zones to be managed by GIS database & associated maps

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