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Signage Master Planning

Signage Master Planning

Signage Master Planning is a management approach that works to optimise rather than maximise signage. It is an approach that recognises and promotes the positive contribution signage and street furniture can make to the urban fabric of cities and large public resources such as airports, transit systems and stadia. At the same time a Signage Master Plan works to mitigate and prevent the potential negative impacts associated with excessive and poor quality signage.

A Signage Master Plan provides a comprehensive development and operating solution for landlords and regulators that outlines an inclusive strategic view for all industry stakeholders. Through the Master Plan stakeholders are encouraged to participate in a sustainable platform for management and growth, supported by a flexible framework for implementation.

In practical terms a Signage Master Plan is a customised selection of resources, tools and recommendations developed after an intensive period of research, analysis and consultation with the client around the following:


Existing advertising and commercial signage


The current and future role of street furniture


Client objectives and management capacity


Management and operational processes


Policies, bylaws and guidelines


Applications, approvals and permits


Contracts and tender procedures


Design and technical standards


Industry size and sophistication


Market size and strength

The Signage Master Plan approach was pioneered and refined by Second Harvest in response to pressure on the public sector to generate additional revenue, through improved asset management processes, to meet increased utility and service delivery demands. Signage Master Planning is Second Harvest’s premium service offering.

Hyderabad International Airport

Bus shelters designed to integrate with additional custom signage & extensive street furniture collection

Cape Town Station

Contextually & technically appropriate format selection as part of Signage Master Plan

Citywide Signage Master Plans

Custom designed signage development and management solutions for Dubai Roads & Transit Authority

Planning Future Signage

Muscat Municipality dedicated digital signage zones to be managed by GIS database & associated maps

Signage Master Plan Benefits

With a Signage Master Plan a landlord or regulator has the capability and competence to actively participate in and benefit visually, financially and operationally from the signage value chain.

Signage Master Planning can be applied to both established and planned environments, but is best conducted as early as possible in the development process. Just as the master planning of signage is a comprehensive and integrated approach, so too are the benefits interlinked.

The benefits of a Signage Master Plan include:

  • Increased landlord and regulator management capacity
  • Effective integration of signage and street furniture
  • Improved signage visibility and street furniture functionality
  • Complementary communication across all signage formats
  • Legal conflict mitigation and rights protection
  • Optimisation of advertising and marketing opportunities
  • Higher media value for advertising and marketing signage
  • Limited damage to property through retrofitting
  • Reduced signage repetition and clutter
  • Consistent technical and design standards
  • Improved wayfinding and accessibility to public transport
  • Transparent market operations and management
  • Greater return on signage investment

Event Signage Master Plans

Signage is an integral part of every event. An Event Signage Master Plan is a comprehensive and innovative approach to the implementation and management of event signage to maximise organiser, and host city or facility benefit.

An Event Signage Master Plan is a modified version of a traditional Signage Master Plan specifically designed for temporary execution. Specific signage strategies are developed to assist event organisers with:

  • Communicating event information
  • Event and associated sponsor branding
  • Event marketing and promotion
  • Advertising at the event
  • Event organisation and management
  • Visitor wayfinding
  • Regulation and safety

A successful event will strategically plan, design, implement and manage a range of signage formats as a network to increase their impact and value to organisers, sponsors, advertisers, participants and the attending public. The signage associated with events also presents a significant infrastructural and revenue generating legacy opportunity for host cities.

The Event Signage Master Plan delivers a range of tangible benefits to event role players and stakeholders by strategically aligning all signage related functions with event objectives:

  • Sponsor investment is protected and supported
  • A comprehensive mixed media and communication marketing platform for the event
  • Improved wayfinding and accessibility to public transport
  • Greater return on signage investment
  • Actionable and integrated legacy plans

Event legacy is an essential component of an Event Signage Master Plan. Multiple strategies for host cities to capitalise on the increased attention, investment and development associated with large-scale events.

  • Event financed infrastructure designed and implemented for long-term use
  • Event operational and management structures developed to raise host city capacity
  • Directional and information signage network for ongoing social value
  • Retention of public transport accessibility
  • Signage communication and marketing platform with high media value
  • Conversion to city Signage Master Plan for sustained long-term value

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