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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need my neighbours’ permission to erect an advertising sign on my property or building?

Regulatory practices governing signage differ from city to city and country to country. To determine if you require your neighbours’ permission to erect an advertising sign you should consult with your local regulatory authority (e.g. municipal signage department).

If you need to enter a neighbour’s property to access a sign for construction, operational or maintenance purposes, or if any of these actions disrupt their business, then you will need their permission.


Can I control the content of what gets displayed on an outdoor advertising sign on my property?

Yes. If a specialist outdoor media company will be selling the media space on your sign on your behalf, you can stipulate certain conditions relating to the sign’s content.

For example a church or school may choose to not have alcohol or gambling associated advertising displayed on a sign on their property.


Will advertising signage add any additional costs or requirements to my daily business operations?

No. Signage is by nature an incremental and passive income generator. A media company or management partner will assume the responsibility for these costs and requirements in return for a share of the associated revenue. Your daily business activities should not be disrupted by signage.

How do I sell advertising space on my building or property?

A specialist outdoor media company is best positioned to sell advertising space on your behalf. However prior to involving a media company it is important to make some informed decisions around how involved you want to be in the development of a sign. This can positively affect the percentage of revenue due to you as the landlord.

The more you invest in a sign (i.e. assume the costs associated with design, construction, permitting, sales, flighting, maintenance) the greater your potential revenue share.