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Second Harvest’s innovative approach to signage asset management is what separates us from traditional outdoor media companies.

We believe in the value of signage to cities, citizens, businesses and advertisers. It is an established and essential part of urban life, and an unmatched medium for communication, information, regulation and promotion.

Our approach recognises that there are a range of potential visual, financial and physical impacts associated with signage. Signage is a predominantly public medium, and so these impacts often represent a negative cost to society. A cost that we believe can be mitigated, reduced and even reversed through the strategic management of signage as an asset from which positive value can be extracted.

Naturally there is value in a sign’s content or message for a regulatory authority, business owner, landlord or advertiser – by adopting an informed and managed approach the scope of this value and range of beneficiaries can be extended.

One of the most widely implemented examples of this is the integration of outdoor media into public transit systems as a financing mechanism for infrastructure development, operation and maintenance. In this way valuable public utility is created (e.g. a bus service, bus shelters and associated infrastructure) at little or no financial cost to a local government.

Second Harvest services work to adapt, customise and extend this simple model to create sophisticated practical solutions for our clients.

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